Our partners

At Djerba Golf Club, we are proud to collaborate with our trusted partners to provide you with an exceptional experience on our golf course. Our partners play a vital role in creating a welcoming atmosphere and quality services for our members and visitors.

Djerba Golf Sports Association

The Association Sportive de Golf de Djerba is a dynamic organization dedicated to the promotion and development of golf on the island of Djerba. With a world-class golf course and modern facilities, the association offers golfers of all levels stimulating competitions, personalized golf lessons and social and cultural activities. It aims to create a united community of golf enthusiasts and to offer enriching and memorable experiences to all its members. Join us for a unique and friendly golfing experience in the heart of Djerba.


The Tunisian Golf Federation, hereinafter referred to as the “Federation”, is a sports association governed by Organic Law N°59/154 of 7 November 1959 relating to associations, by Organic Law N°95/11 of 6 February 1995 relating to sports structures, by Law No. 94/104 of 03 August 1994 relating to the organization and promotion of physical education and sports activities as well as the present statutes and the internal regulations of the Federation, and by Presidential Decree No. 66 of 14 July 2011.